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Two of your biggest musical enemies

Hey there,

Just wanted to share this with you!  You know, I have taught a lot of students over the years and I felt like I should share two of the biggest ENEMIES that will keep you from reaching your music potential and from you being the best musician and music minister you can be…

MUSICIAN ENEMY NUMBER ONE – DELAY  This one is pretty obvious.  I’ll just practice later.  I’ll do read or watch my next Apostolic Praise lesson later.  OR I’m just going to check the news or social media real quick (yeah right).  Or I’ll pick it back up next season or next year.  (And sometimes you have to do that!)  But many times it’s just DELAY.  Don’t let DELAY stop you!

Instead, replace it with NOW!  I’m going to practice NOW.  I’m going to learn a new lesson every week or every day at this time.  I’m going to practice 10 minutes a day or 20 minutes a day or 30 minutes or 2 hours – whatever it is – just practice NOW.  🙂

MUSICIAN ENEMY NUMBER TWO (Part 1): Perfectionism

This can strike in two ways.  The first one is you practice and practice and practice the same lesson over and over again and never move past it to the other lessons.

TIPS to get around this are as follows: Don’t worry about mastering a lesson 100% before you move on to the next one.  Our lessons are structured in such a way that you are going to continue to practice the SAME THINGS but in DIFFERENT WAYS as you go through the courses.  This will help you to master them over time.  Instead, just try to get the lesson at about a 6 or 7 out of 10 (and you can always go back to review if you need to – you probably won’t have to).

MUSICIAN ENEMY NUMBER TWO (Part 2): Perfectionism

The second one is you have practiced for hours but you refuse to play in church or ministry because you are afraid you might mess up.

TIP: You ARE going to mess up.  But that’s ok!  I mess up all the time and people think I’m a PRO!  In fact, I did a run on Sunday morning and did it in the completely wrong place.  It didn’t sound ANYTHING like I wanted it to.  The FUNNY part?  Several people commented HOW COOL that exact run sounded (including my pastor).

Don’t be afraid to mess up.  What that really is, is PRIDE.  Rebuke that in Jesus name and go out and be a blessing to HIS kingdom!

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