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6 tips that will take you to the Next Level

Hey there!

If you are like me, you like to practice songs.  I mean piano exercises are not usually the funnest thing to play in the world, right?

Yet can you imagine an athlete – let’s say a basketball player – if all he ever did was play basketball games against himself, would he ever become really, really good?

Definitely not.  And practicing songs by yourself is fine but if that is what you spend most of your time doing when you play the piano – you are never going to become really, really good.

Here are some tips to help you change:

1) Take lessons from someone (like Apostolic Praise School of Music) so that you are always learning new musical concepts and not just songs

2) Practice the exercises in your lessons with FOCUS.  (Remember, if you want to really play, don’t just play around.)

3) Don’t worry about mastering each lesson 100% before moving on – just keep moving forward!  Each lesson builds upon the previous, so this is perfectly fine and will keep you from getting stuck.

4) Practice the songs we teach you with the Full Band Practice Tracks we provide.  This gives you the feel of playing with other musicians and helps your timing.

5) Stay encouraged.  Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and I didn’t start playing like I do in a day, week or month.

6) HAVE FUN!  Remember, you are just PLAYING.  It’s not called WORKING the piano (or bass or guitar or whatever you are playing).  We are just playing – it’s supposed to be fun.

Fun leads to motivation and motivation leads to music.  

It all starts with fun.  If you aren’t motivated, make it fun – think of it as a game!  The motivation will come when you learn to enjoy it.

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God bless you and your music ministry!

– Bro. Richard Smith