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AP 101 Drums: A Crash Course in Drums Student Homeroom

Module 1 AP 101 DRUMS: A Crash Course in Drums
Lesson 1 AP 101 Drums Lesson 1: Introduction to the Drums and the Different Parts of a Drum Set
Lesson 2 AP 101 Drums Lesson 2: Introduction to Rhythm, Metronomes and a Simple Beat, Break Every Chain Song
Lesson 3 AP 101 Drums Lesson 3: Introduction to ¾ Songs, Definition of 3/4 and 4/4 timing, Practice Song “Amazing Grace.”
Lesson 4 AP 101 Drums Lesson 4: Introduction to Fast Songs, Basic Fast Song Beat, “Hallelujah Anyhow” and “What a Mighty God We Serve”
Lesson 5 AP 101 Drums Lesson 5: Exercises to Enhance Your Rhythm, Introduction to Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes, Practice Songs for Snare, High Hat, Bass Drum
Lesson 6 AP 101 Drums Lesson 6: Keeping a Straight Beat (not speeding up or slowing down, Different Ways to Hit the Snare for Fast and Slow Songs, Using the “And” on The High Hat, “Break Every Chain” (more advanced)
Lesson 7 AP 101 Drums Lesson 7: Using the Toms and Cymbals for Fills, Introduction to “1 e + a” (Sixteenth Notes), Substituting the Ride Cymbal for the High Hat
Lesson 8 AP 101 Drums Lesson 8: Introduction to Funky Beat (Half Time) , Difference between Fast Song Beat and Funky Beat, Using Half Time on Older Songs So They Don't Sound Old, “There Is Power In the Blood” “Nothing But the Blood” and “I Just Feel Like Something Good.”
Lesson 9 AP 101 Drums Lesson 9: Introduction to Triplets, Swing Beats, “There Is No Telling What God Will Do.”
Lesson 10 AP 101 Drums Lesson 10: Introduction to 6/8 Timing, Dressing up Slow Songs, and “Anointing”
Lesson 11 AP 101 Drums Lesson 11: Dressing up Fast Songs with fills and tricks and Shout Beats, What Is a Shout Beat, “What a Mighty God We Serve” and “Hallelujah Anyhow”
Lesson 12 AP 101 Drums Lesson 12: Additional Fills and Ideas for Songs