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AP 204 Piano Homeroom

Module 1 AP 204: The Secrets to Understanding Pentecostal & Gospel Music
Lesson 1 AP 204 Lesson 1: Introduction, Filler Notes in Different Keys, Diatonic Notes, Musical Roman Numeral System in Every Key, How to Hear Different “Family Members” By Hear and How Understand Music
Lesson 2 AP 204 Lesson 2: Studying the Most Common Movements in Music, 6 Most Common Ways to Go from I to IV and I to V in Every Key, And Hearing Them By Ear
Lesson 3 AP 204 Lesson 3: 17 Different Ways to Go to vi chord, VI chord, and ii chord, and How to Hear These By Ear
Lesson 4 AP 204 Lesson 4: Studying the ii and II chord. 11 Different Progressions to Use with ii and II chords and How to Hear These By Ear
Lesson 5 AP 204 Lesson 5: Studying the iii and III chords. 15 Different Progressions to Use with them and How to Hear Them By Ear Lesson 6: Out of the Scale Chords, bVII, bVI, #IV, bIII, #I and how to use them and hear them by ear
Lesson 6 AP 204 Lesson 6: Out of the Scale Chords, bVII, bVI, #IV, bIII, #I and how to use them and hear them by ear
Lesson 7 AP 204 Lesson 7: Learning All 12 Dominant, Minor and Major 7ths in Every Key, Recognizing These Different 7ths By Ear, and Substituting Them Into Songs
Lesson 8 AP 204 Lesson 8: Learning All 12 Augmented, Diminished, Suspended, 6th, Minor 6th Chords, Augmented 7ths, Half Diminished 7ths and how to substitute them. Example Song shown as well as additional fills and runs for these chords.
Lesson 9 AP 204 Lesson 9: Learning all 12 Dominant 9th, minor 9th, major 9th chords, Example Songs with 9ths, Ninth Walkdowns, Substituting 9ths Into Your Playing, Fully Diminished Chords
Lesson 10 AP 204 Lesson 10: 7#5#9 in every key, how to substitute this chord, 7b9 chords, how to substitute them, walking bass lines, indepth left hand walking bass lines, elevenths, minor elevenths, how to use them, example songs
Lesson 11 AP 204 Lesson 11: More example songs with 11ths and minor 11ths, additional tricks and fills on 11ths, intro to 13th chords, 9add13 chord and how to use it, tips and tricks on 9add13 chords, walking 13 chords, example song
Lesson 12 AP 204 Lesson 12: Crazy cool advanced V chords, 7#5#9 tritone substitution chords, playing in the flow, 2 over 1 chord, jazz chord, ending.