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AP 301 Piano Homeroom

Module 1 AP 301: Next Level Piano
Lesson 1 AP 301 LESSON 1: Different Variations of Advanced Fast Song Pentecostal Turnarounds.
Lesson 2 AP 301 LESSON 2: The Secrets of Tritones, Tritones Substitutions. and Tritone Chord Substitutions​​​​
Lesson 3 AP 301 LESSON 3: Advanced Tritones and Tritone Substitutions for 7#5#9 chords.
Lesson 4 AP 301 LESSON 4: Advanced Major Chord Substitution Options, Playing 5-6 Notes in One Hand/Chord, the Powerful Ditone Chords with Fills
Lesson 5 AP 301 LESSON 5: Crazy Major Chord Substitution Options & Crazy Advanced Tritone Substitutions
Lesson 6 AP 301 LESSON 6: ​ Tritone Substitutions on Walkups, Major to Minor Advanced Walkup Substitutions, New 7#5#9 Ditone Substitution, Using New 7#5#9 Ditone Substitution In Minor to Major Walkups
Lesson 7 AP 301 LESSON 7: Matching Chords to Scales, Using the Major Iolian Scales Over Two Octaves, Using Major Scales As Fills, The V Chord Mixolydian Scale and Using It To Solo
Lesson 8 AP 301 LESSON 8: The IV Chord Lydian Scales, Advanced Scale Substitutions, Whole Tone Scales, Substituting the Whole Tone Scales
Lesson 9 AP 301 LESSON 9: The vi Chord Aeolian Minor Scale and Using It In Songs, Substituting the vi Chord Minor Scale As a Fill
Lesson 10 AP 301 LESSON 10: The ii Chord Dorian Minor Scale and Using It In Songs, Substituting the ii Chord Minor Scale As a Fill​
Lesson 11 AP 301 LESSON 11: The vii and iii Chord Scales: Locrian and Phrygian - Using Each As a Run or Fill or to Solo
Lesson 12 AP 301 LESSON 12:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The Powerful 7#5#9 Scale - Using It As a Fill or to Solo