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AP 304 Piano Homeroom

Module 1 AP 304: The Secrets to Fast Songs, Gospel Blues Style, Shouting Music, Preacher Chords
Lesson 1 AP 304 LESSON 1: Advanced Gospel Pentecostal Fast Song Vamps, Example Song “Can’t Nobody Do Me Jesus”
Lesson 2 AP 304 LESSON 2: Right Hand Fast Songs Soloing Techniques, Magic Major and Minor Jazz Pentatonic Scales, Using these tricks in black gospel style fast songs
Lesson 3 AP 304 LESSON 3: Fast Song Walking Bass Lines, Example Songs “Shake This House” “Can’t Nobody” “What A Mighty God We Serve”
Lesson 4 AP 304 LESSON 4: Using Click Tracks and Drum Loops To Practice
Lesson 5 AP 304 LESSON 5: Shouting Music, Chords & Techniques, I to IV SHOUT, I to V SHOUT and MORE!
Lesson 6 AP 304 LESSON 6: Advanced Chord Combos and Substitutes for Turnarounds, SUPER ADVANCED Tritone Substitution Chords, How to Change Your Bass Note in Turnarounds to Get a Completely Different Sound
Lesson 7 AP 304 LESSON 7: Medium-Pace Blues Style Vamps Applied to Gospel, 8 Bar Blues Example Songs
Lesson 8 AP 304 LESSON 8: Funk Style Blues Style Techniques Applied to Gospel, Funky C minor Jam Example
Lesson 9 AP 304 LESSON 9: Chording in the Left Hand for Fast Songs When You Have a Bass Player, Playing Highly Advanced Left Hand Chords and Applying Coordinating Soloing and Improvisation Techniques in the Right Hand
Lesson 10 AP 304 LESSON 10: Using Chromaticism in Gospel and Church Music, Using it in Soloing, in Walking Bass Lines and In Awesome Chord Walkdowns with 9ths and more
Lesson 11 AP 304 LESSON 11: Advanced Chord and Substitution Chords Movements In Fast Songs When Going to vi Chord – IMPORTANT – This is one of the BIGGEST movements in gospel and church music!
Lesson 12 AP 304 LESSON 12: Preacher Chords and Lead-up Movements to Shouting Music