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AP 601 Shout Homeroom

Module 1 AP 601 Lessons
Lesson 1 AP 601 Lesson 1: What is a shout, Leading up to a shout, Playing a basic shout in Key of C.
Lesson 2 AP 601 Lesson 2: Variations on Lead-ins and Walkouts
Lesson 3 AP 601 Lesson 3: Taking the Shout to All 12 Keys
Lesson 4 AP 601 Lesson 4: How to Play a War Cry
Lesson 5 AP 601 Lesson 5: Variations on I to IV and I to V shouts
Lesson 6 AP 601 Lesson 6: b7 to 6 Shout Variations, Tritone Shout and Additional Shout Fills
Lesson 7 AP 601 Lesson 7: Examining popular shout songs - I’m a Soldier / I’m on the Battlefield
Lesson 8 AP 601 Lesson 8: Examining popular shout songs - There Is Power in the Blood
Lesson 9 AP 601 Lesson 9: Examining popular shout songs - Shout Now
Lesson 10 AP 601 Lesson 10: Examining popular shout songs - To God Be the Glory
Lesson 11 AP 601 Lesson 11: Examining popular shout songs - I’m Gonna Put a Praise On It
Lesson 12 AP 601 Lesson 12: Examining popular shout songs - I Give You Glory

The video below does not “go with” the PDF Study Guides above. The video below is just an example showing some of the techniques we will be teaching in this 12 lesson class. Each lesson will have its own video demonstrating what is being taught in each lesson – just like the rest of our courses. The class syllabus is below.