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Level 4: How to Play Silent Night – Even More Advanced Chords

Hope you enjoy this lesson!

Level 4 of 5 – How to Play Silent Night – Check it out!

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This is a short, simple video on how to play Silent Night using just major chords, minor chords, and inversions. We have several other videos of this song if you would like to learn some more advanced versions of it.

Level 3: How to Play Silent Night Using Advanced Chords (Gospel, Pentecostal, Jazz Style)

Hope this is a blessing to you! The chords are also below.  If you are unfamiliar with any of these chords, feel free to take our AP 103 Course: Advanced Piano Chords where we teach how to play these chords as well as many other things!  Also available on DVD.  The course is just $75 and includes 12 lessons.



C/D   /  /

Gmaj9  /  /  D13  /  /          Gmaj9  /  /  D13  /  G#dim7

Am9  /  /    D2  /  D#dim7  Em7  /  /    Dm7  /  G7b9

Cmaj9  /  /  C#dim7  /  /    G/D  /   /    G2  Am7  G/B

Cmaj9  /  /  C#dim7  /  /    G/D  /  Em7  D2  /  /

D#dim7  /  /  Em7  /   /     A9  /  /  G/D   /  /

C/D  / D/F#  G2   /   /       C/D  /  /   G2

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Level 2: How to Play Silent Night with 7ths and 2 Chords

Some people may wonder why I stay up until the wee hours of the morning making these videos.  To me it all boils down to this: I believe that music is a ministry.  I love music and have been around it all my life, and if there is anything that I can do to better or help enrich someone’s abilities so that they can more effectively minister, than it is worth those late nights and early mornings.

So for those that have seen the Level 1 video and feel like you are ready to take it to another level, watch this new “How to Play” video and see what you can do!


Don’t forget that soon we’ll be adding yet another level for those that want to step it up even more, until then…

God bless!

– Richard W. Smith


How to Play “Silent Night” Using Simple Chords (Major, Minor, Inversions, and Melody)

How to Play Silent Night – Simple

Silent Night – Major, Minor Chords, Some Inversions & Melody

This is the first of a short series on how to play “Silent Night.”  This video teaches the “Beginner’s Version” where we just use major chords, minor chords, inversions, and some melody.

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