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This one concept will change your playing forever

What could be so powerful?

One of the biggest dangers (and I have done it myself) in learning to play is the DANGER OF FALLING INTO A RUT.

What is a RUT?

A rut is where you play the SAME THING, EVERY TIME you sit down to play at the piano (or your instrument of choice).

You sit down and just play around with what you know.  And you go in circles.  Every time.  Sometimes for years…or your whole life!  🙁


First of all, “if you want to really play, don’t just play around.”

I mean, that’s cool sometimes and part of it.

But you need to FOCUS.  You need to LEARN SOMETHING NEW.

If you don’t, then you will just stay where you are at…forever.

I personally still take lessons.  I will learn from anyone – even a 5 year old.

One of the greatest musician mentors I ever had – O’neal Wright from New Life Tabernacle in Tampa, Florida told me this “You can learning SOMETHING from ANYBODY.”

I never forgot that.

Shameless plug here – Apostolic Praise Lessons will give you focus.  Our lessons are specifically designed and have been tested to teach people how to play more quickly, more easily, and have more fun doing it.

And FUN is super-important!  You have to learn to enjoy playing.  I mean it is called “playing.”  🙂

But notice the saying doesn’t go “If you want to really play, DON’T play around”.

NO!  It says “If you want to really play, don’t JUST play around.

You can play around and have fun (in fact this is the SECOND most important thing to do).

But the FIRST most important thing is to FOCUS and LEARN SOMETHING NEW.

If you get 1% better everyday, in just one year you will be 365% better.

I can take a complete beginner and if they complete just ONE Apostolic Praise Lesson per week.  In one year, they will have gone from playing NOTHING (or just major and minor chords) to playing songs and advanced concepts like 11th and 13th chords and fast song walking bass lines with praise vamps!

Members, keep learning and focusing by signing in here.

Free Students, go here to keep learning or SIGNUP here.

But by all means, KEEP LEARNING.

God bless you and your playing!


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