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I hope this blesses you

Many people think that a successful piano player is someone who was just “born” talented.  While having some “natural” talent is important, it is not everything.  Many people think that I was “born” with an ear for music or an ability to play the piano.   Not true!

Let me tell you, I spent a LOT of time practicing and working and training my fingers , brain, and ears to be able to play.

There were many times I was so frustrated that I literally never wanted to play again.  I just wanted to bang my head against the side of the piano.  “Mom, I just can’t get this fill (or run or chord progression, etc) right.”  “Well, don’t be a quitter.  Just wait, then go back in a little bit and try again!”

So I would go in there a little later and practice again for awhile, but it still wouldn’t sound quite like I wanted!  But I just kept practicing.

I just want to encourage you today to let you know that I used to be where you are at!  I wasn’t someone that was born a musician.  It was something that I had to work at and spend long hours practicing, learning, studying and getting frustrated just like anyone else!

So stay encouraged!  And now go practice.  🙂

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