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My five personal tricks to mastering any song


It’s a new week and time to learn something new!  Make it your goal to learn at least two new songs this week.  And by learn I mean, memorize.  

Here is what I used to do when I learned a new song.

1) Learn the song on the bass guitar (or just use your left hand on the keyboard/piano)

2) Practice with the song until I could play it with the recording with a chord sheet.

3) (Hardest) – Play the song by memory WITHOUT​​​​​​​​ the chord sheet or the recording.

4) Play the song with the recording again but turn my volume way down to make sure I’m not missing anything.

5) Play the song​​​​ with the recording at regular volume.

Hope this helps!​​

​​It took me over 10 years of practice before I finally figured out how to play!  Our goal is to give you a complete system so that is doesn’t take YOU that long!  

The thing we hear about our program over and over again from students is that they wished they would have found our program sooner before they had wasted so much money on things that did not work for them.

Apostolic Praise is systematic.  We start you simple and then go big with tons of songs along the way!

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God bless!  

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