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My Storm Story of learning how to play

Hey there!

I remember first learning to piano (keyboard – same thing).  I was six years old and there was a lightning storm that had turned off the power so I asked my mom to teach me how to play.

See, God sends us storms for a reason sometimes!

Well, I was really just bored and there was nothing else to do.  It was too dark to read or play and I didn’t want to go to bed, but I could see the piano keys by the light of the candles!  LOL

I have always loved that bluesy, jazzy, gospel-y kind of sound and I tried to learn it out of books.  I also took a lot of classical piano lessons with a sweet lady down the road.

But let me tell you, I still couldn’t PLAY!

You know what I mean…PLAY!

Like just sit down at the piano or keyboard and just JAM (or worship) for Jesus!

There had to be a secret!  More practice?  REALLY?!  I had practiced for HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of hours.

A lot of people just say “PRACTICE more.  And there’s no shortcut!  Just PRACTICE more!”

Well I can practice playing C major scale and my classical pieces backwards and forwards for 10,000 hours but that wasn’t going to teach me how to PLAY.

So there had to be something more…

Well, it took me 10+ long years of hunting and digging around until I finally learned the secrets to playing like I wanted to.

My goal is to shorten that path for you and give you the tools you need to be playing REAL church songs by your very first lesson (AP 100 Lesson 1).

I’ve taught hundreds of in-person LIVE music lessons and through teaching for years, I developed a system that teaches people how to start playing quickly without having to take YEARS of piano lessons.

But the system only works if YOU work too (and actually do the lessons and practice them).

Make it a goal to complete ONE lesson per week and in one year you will be able to play almost anything.

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