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My Story – 10 Years and still not playing

​I was sixteen years old and had been playing the piano for 10 years and I still couldn’t play like I wanted to.  I definitely could NOT play by ear.

Maybe I just didn’t have it.  Should I give up?

But I couldn’t…there was just something inside that just wouldn’t quit.  It wouldn’t allow me to give up.  I was going to play one day!

So I sat down at the piano again and played one of those old classical pieces that a teacher had taught me years ago.

Enough of that!  I wanted to PLAY!  “God help me to learn…”

Then a package came in the mail (thanks Mom and Dad)!  
A gospel music series…workbooks…chords…

At the same time I started playing bass at a church that did gospel music in Tampa, FL.

I was the only Caucasian guy on the platform (Lol).  “You need to learn to play by ear.”  “Watch the keyboardists left hand a few times and you should have it.”  “Memorize it.”  “Take this CD and learn these songs.”

So I spent hours trying to figure out these bass notes by ear off the CD…the patterns did not seem to make sense.

But the workbooks I had taught me the Roman Numeral System…and it all started to click…a pattern…chord progressions…scales.

It took me 10 years to learn and then I learned more in 10 MONTHS than I had in the previous 10 years.  

How?  I believe that God gave me a system of understanding how music works.

At Apostolic Praise we use a systematic, organized approach to teaching music.

You will learn to play
1) by Chord Sheet
2) by ear
3) by Theory 

(and eventually)
4) by sight-reading (the least important one for playing church music – so we don’t focus on it until later on in our courses.)

There has never been a better time to learn!

Join the thousands that have advanced their playing with the system God has blessed us to teach at Apostolic Praise School of Music today!

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Here’s one of MANY testimonials from one of our students:​​​

Hi Richard forgive me writing a testimony in the wrong place but I am so excited about your website! I have spent tons of money on lessons with teachers in person, on the internet, books, DVDs but I have never seen one like this! Your program for teaching church musicians is AWESOME! 

I told you before I play in church already.   I thank God for you because it is all making sense to me now! What a great concept! I went back to the 100 series and really learned some things even though I have been playing in church every Sunday that I didn’t know! Thanks also for the wonderful selection of songs that you have too which is very motivating! 

You have provided a systematic way to success for musicians! God Bless! I’ve finally found what I needed! Now I know I will be better at church!

– Mary R.

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To all of our current members and students, thank you for your continued support of this ministry.  We love you and are praying for you and your success!  

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God bless!