204-9 Learn Dominant 9th, minor 9th, major 9th chords in Every Key with 5 Example Songs! Also learn 9th Chord Walkdowns, How to Substitute 9ths Into Your Playing + Fully Diminished 7th Chords Too!


Do you struggle with 9th Chords or Fully Diminished 7th chords? Struggle no longer!

This 7 Part video tutorial will teach you how to play Dominant 9th, minor 9th, and major 9th chords in all 12 keys. We show you five example songs using 9th chords. We’ll even show you how to do 9th Chord Walkdowns. But what good are chords if you don’t know WHERE to use them! These videos will also teach you how to recognize these different 9th chords by ear and how to substitute them into ANY song.

28 Total Minutes of Video Instruction
14 Page Printable eBook with all chords written all in every key included.
5 Practice Tracks

Instant Access!



The Online option gives you the links to all 7 videos plus the download for the 14 page eBook and 5 practice MP3 tracks that go with them.
The DVD option gives you all the links and the downloads, plus you will receive a DVD in the mail with the 7 videos on it also.

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Online Access, DVD