703-3 Do you struggle with fills? Learn the “magic” major Pentatonic Scale, Pentatonic Scale with b3rd, Pentatonic Scale with Grace Notes, and how to use the notes of these awesome scales to do fills and even solos!


Do you struggle with doing fills and solos? Struggle no longer!

This 20 minute video tutorial will teach you how to play the Major Pentatonic Scale, Major Pentatonic Scale with b3, and Pentatonic Scale Grace Notes in all 12 keys. We show you three example songs using these scales as fills! What good are scales if you don't know WHERE to use them! This easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand video lesson will also teach you how to use these scales and notes of these scales and how to substitute them into ANY song.

20 Total Minutes of Video Instruction
5 Page Printable eBook

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The Online option gives you the link to this 20 minute video tutorial plus the download for the 5 page eBook that goes with it.
The DVD option gives you the link and the download, plus you will receive a DVD in the mail with the video tutorial on it also.

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