AP 100 Kids: A Piano Party in Sight-Reading Online Course


This fun 12 Lesson Children’s Sight-reading Course teaches many important concepts with each concept being backed up by a real song or two!  This course will get you or your child on the road to being able to read music.  Recommended ages are 3 and up.

Totally Online. Gives access to all 12 lessons with videos, as well as printable PDF Study Guides for each lesson. You will be emailed a link with complete instant access to this course upon payment so you can start learning today!

Members get access to these lessons and more for one low weekly or monthly payment.

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Lesson 1: Animals! – The Easiest Way to Learn the Notes on the Piano

Lesson 2: Fingers! – Using Correct Fingering on the Piano

Lesson 3: Family Time! – The Note Family That Is

Lesson 4: Workout Time! – Strengthening Your Right Hand Fingers

Lesson 5: Workout Time! – Strengthening Your Left Hand Fingers

Lesson 6: Introduction to the Treble Clef, Music Staff, Middle C, D, E, F, G and My Favorite Song!

Lesson 7: Learn to Play Ode to Joy by Beethoven

Lesson 8: All the Notes in the Treble Clef and the BIBLE Song

Lesson 9: The Notes in the Bass Clef (F through C)

Lesson 10: Bass Clef Notes (C, D, E) and “Mary Had a Little Lamb” using these notes in the Left Hand
Lesson 11: Bass Clef Notes (G, A, B) and “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven using Both Hands
Lesson 12: “Jesus Loves Me” in Both Hands

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