AP 100 Piano: A Crash Course in Basics USB Course Set (Includes Online Access)

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This is a fun 12 Lesson Beginner Course which teaches many very important concepts and each concept is backed up by a real church song or two!  This course will give your playing a boost of confidence, put a new sound in your playing and help you to understand how music actually works.

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Lesson 1: Intro to Piano, the notes, major and minor chords, Playing Bass in Left with Chords in Right, Whole Steps, Half Steps, C major scale, Fraction Chords, Jesus Is the Answer

Lesson 2: How to Play “Anointing” and “Surround Me O Lord” in C, All Major and Minor Chords in All Keys

Lesson 3: How to Write Your Own Songs in the key of C

Lesson 4: Intro to the Key of F, Write Your Own Song, Anointing in F, Surround Me O Lord in F

Lesson 5: Intro to Key of G Write Your Own Song, Anointing in G, Surround Me in G, Making Minor Chords Sound Awesome

Lesson 6: Intro to Suspended 2 Chord, Blessed Be Your Name

Lesson 7: Inversions, Filler Notes, 10+ Different Fills and Runs, Jesus Is the Answer, Surround Me O Lord

Lesson 8: Choosing the right inversion, playing the melody, sustain pedal, common chord movements, using more rhythm with songs

Lesson 9: Chord Families: The trick to playing in a key you don’t know very well yet

Lesson 10: Intro to Playing Fast Songs, Example Song, Minor to Major Vamps, Different Types of Rhythm, Can’t Nobody, Jesus on the Mainline

Lesson 11: Falling in Love with Jesus, Rain Lord, Passing Chords in Slow Songs, Minor Vamps, Adding Left Hand to Tricks to Passing Chord Fast Songs and Vamp Variations

Lesson 12: How to Play in Minor Keys, Understanding Minor Keys, Can’t Stop Praising His Name, Spirit of the Lord, Bouncing Bass with Chords

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