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For just $10 per month, enjoy 100% access to all 12 lessons of AP 100.

This is our very first piano / keyboard course.  It is for beginner to intermediates.  It will teach you all of your major and minor chords as well as introduce you to a few substitution chords (suspended 2 and minor 7ths).  You will learn to play both fast and slow songs and each concept will be taught along with one or two real church songs!  You will learn everything described in the course outline below as well as much more.

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Lesson 1: Intro to Piano, the notes, major and minor chords, Playing Bass in Left with Chords in Right, Whole Steps, Half Steps, C major scale, Fraction Chords, Jesus Is the Answer

Lesson 2: How to Play “Anointing” and “Surround Me O Lord” in C, All Major and Minor Chords in All Keys

Lesson 3: How to Write Your Own Songs in the key of C

Lesson 4: Intro to the Key of F, Write Your Own Song, Anointing in F, Surround Me O Lord in F

Lesson 5: Intro to Key of G Write Your Own Song, Anointing in G, Surround Me in G, Making Minor Chords Sound Awesome

Lesson 6: Intro to Suspended 2 Chord, Blessed Be Your Name

Lesson 7: Inversions, Filler Notes, 10+ Different Fills and Runs, Jesus Is the Answer, Surround Me O Lord

Lesson 8: Choosing the right inversion, playing the melody, sustain pedal, common chord movements, using more rhythm with songs

Lesson 9: Chord Families: The trick to playing in a key you don’t know very well yet

Lesson 10: Intro to Playing Fast Songs, Example Song, Minor to Major Vamps, Different Types of Rhythm, Can’t Nobody, Jesus on the Mainline

Lesson 11: Falling in Love with Jesus, Rain Lord, Passing Chords in Slow Songs, Minor Vamps, Adding Left Hand to Tricks to Passing Chord Fast Songs and Vamp Variations

Lesson 12: How to Play in Minor Keys, Understanding Minor Keys, Can’t Stop Praising His Name, Spirit of the Lord, Bouncing Bass with Chords