AP 101 DRUMS: A Crash Course in Drums DVD Course Set (Includes Online Access)

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This fun 12 Lesson Drum Course is going to teach you how to play the drums!  The techniques and lessons taught here can be applied to any genre, but they are specifically designed with the church/gospel/Pentecostal musician in mind.  This lessons teach many important concepts with each concept being backed up by a real church song or two or three!  These lessons will give your playing a boost of confidence, a new sound, and it will help you to understand how playing the drums really works!

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Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Drums and the Different Parts of a Drum Set, How to Hold a Drumstick, and Which Hands to Use

Lesson 2 – Introduction to Rhythm with Focus on 4/4 Timing, Introduction to Metronomes, How to Play a Simple Beat, Break Every Chain Song

Lesson 3 – Introduction to 3/4 Timing Songs, Review of Definition of 3/4 and 4/4 timing, Practice Song “Amazing Grace.”

Lesson 4: Introduction to Fast Songs, Basic Fast Song Beat, “Can’t Nobody” and “Hallelujah Anyhow”

Lesson 5: Exercises to Enhance Your Rhythm, Introduction to Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes, Practice Songs for Snare, High Hat, and Bass Drum

Lesson 6 – Keeping a Straight Beat (not speeding up or slowing down), Different Ways to Hit the Snare for Fast and Slow Songs, Using the “And” on The High Hat, and a more advanced “Break Every Chain”

Lesson 7: How to Use the Toms and Cymbals for Fills, Introduction to “1 e + a” (Sixteenth Notes), How to Substitute the Ride Cymbal for the High Hat

Lesson 8: Introduction to Funky Beat (or Half Time), Using Half Time on Older Songs So They Don’t Sound Old, “There Is Power In the Blood” “Nothing But the Blood” and “I Just Feel Like Something Good.”

Lesson 9: Introduction to Triplets, Swing Beats, and Example Song “There Is No Telling What God Will Do!”

Lesson 10: Introduction to 6/8 Timing, “Faithful Is Our God” and Dressing up Slow Songs, Example Song “Anointing Fall On Me!”

Lesson 11: Driving Drums Basic Beat, Driving Drum Beat with Double Hi-Hat, Advanced Driving Drum Beat with Sixteenth Notes on Hi-Hat, Example Song Friend of God

Lesson 12: Additional Fills and Ideas for Slow, Fast and Medium-paced Songs. Example Songs include “Here I Am to Worship” “Anointing” “There Is No Telling” and more!