AP 101: A Crash Course in Piano Workbook (49 pages, 12 lessons) (Hard Copy)


This 12 lesson course has 2+ hours of video instruction time and 50+ pages of learning. It is great for beginner to intermediate keyboardists who want to train their mind and their ear in the six main numbers of Musical Roman Numeral System – which is the key to learning to play by ear and understand music. You will also learn the 3 main types of 7th chords and how to play them in every key.  You need to have a solid mastery of the notes of the keyboard as well as major and minor chords.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to the Roman Numeral System and How We Use It To Play By Ear. I to IV and I to V training.

Lesson 2: I to vi training. Freedom, Break Every Chain, Amazing Grace, Happy Birthday

Lesson 3: I to ii training. I Need Thee, O How I Love Jesus, Heart of Worship

Lesson 4: I to iii training. Surround Me O Lord, I to I/iii training. Amazing Grace.

Lesson 5: I to V/vii training. When I Think About the Lord, Jesus is the Answer

Lesson 6: Master all 12 keys. Jesus is the Answer in every key.

Lesson 7: Minor 7th chords in all 12 keys. No Weapon in C, F, G.

Lesson 8: Major 7th chords in all 12 keys. Surround Me O Lord in C, F, G.

Lesson 9: Dominant 7ths in all 12 keys. Can’t Nobody Anointing, Surround Me O Lord in C, F, G.

Lesson 10: Fills and Runs we can use on Minor, Major and Dominant 7th Chords

Lesson 11: When chords act “unnaturally.” When the ii chord is a II chord.

Lesson 12: When the iii chord is a III chord.

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