AP 202: Mastering Playing In All 12 Keys DVD Course Set (Includes Online Access)

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This course is for intermediate students who have already mastered 7th and 9th chords.  It will teach you how to play proficiently in all 12 keys.  It will also teach you how to play in minor keys.

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You also will be shipped two DVDs, workbook and practice CD with a full band to give you the real in-church feel!

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LESSON 1: Master the key of A!

LESSON 2: Master the key of D!

LESSON 3: Master the keys of G and Gm!

LESSON 4: Master the keys of C and Cm!

LESSON 5: Master the keys of F and Fm!

LESSON 6: Master the key of Bb!

LESSON 7: Master the key of Eb

LESSON 8: Master the key of Ab

LESSON 9: Master the key of Db

LESSON 10: Master the key of Gb

LESSON 11: Master the key of B

LESSON 12: Master the key of E