AP 301: Next Level Piano (76 pages, 12 lessons) (Hard Copy)

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This 76 page 12 lesson course – AP 301 will cover Pentecostal Turnarounds, Turnaround Chord Substitutions, Tritones, Tritone Substitutions, Left Hand Tritones, Left Hand Tritone Advanced Substitutions combined with Right Hand Chords, Fills, and Runs. We will also be studying Advanced Chord Positions, and Advanced Chord to Scale matching. This will all be demonstrated through videos and PDF Study Guides. Of course, well-known church songs will be taught along the way to show you how we use all of this in church music. By the time you finish this course, you will be familiar with all of the above, as well as much more.


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LESSON 1: Different Variations of Advanced Fast Song Pentecostal Turnarounds.

LESSON 2: The Secrets of Tritones, Tritones Substitutions. and Tritone Chord Substitutions

LESSON 3: Advanced Tritones and Tritone Substitutions for 7#5#9 chords.

LESSON 4: Advanced Major Chord Substitution Options, Playing 5-6 Notes in One Hand/Chord, the Powerful Ditone Chords with Fills

LESSON 5: Crazy Major Chord Substitution Options & Crazy Advanced Tritone Substitutions

LESSON 6: Tritone Substitutions on Walkups, Major to Minor Advanced Walkup Substitutions, New 7#5#9 Ditone Substitution, Using New 7#5#9 Ditone Substitution In Minor to Major Walkups

LESSON 7: Matching Chords to Scales, Using the Major Iolian Scales Over Two Octaves, Using Major Scales As Fills, The V Chord Mixolydian Scale and Using It To Solo

LESSON 8: The IV Chord Lydian Scales, Advanced Scale Substitutions, Whole Tone Scales, Substituting the Whole Tone Scales

LESSON 9: The vi Chord Aeolian Minor Scale and Using It In Songs, Substituting the vi Chord Minor Scale As a Fill

LESSON 10: The ii Chord Dorian Minor Scale and Using It In Songs, Substituting the ii Chord Minor Scale As a Fill

LESSON 11: The vii and iii Chord Scales: Locrian and Phrygian – Using Each As a Run or Fill or to Solo

LESSON 12: The Powerful 7#5#9 Scale – Using It As a Fill or to Solo