AP 304: The Secrets to Fast Songs, Gospel Blues Style, Shouting Music, Preacher Chords


This course is for intermediate to advanced students who are wanting to take their playing to the next level.  It focuses on fast song techniques such as advanced vamps, right hand soloing techniques, walking bass lines, advanced turnarounds and chord combinations and much more.  This course will give you that “sound” and confidence in playing that you have been looking for.

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LESSON 1: Advanced Gospel Pentecostal Fast Song Vamps, Example Song “Can’t Nobody Do Me Jesus”

LESSON 2: Right Hand Fast Songs Soloing Techniques, Magic Major and Minor Jazz Pentatonic Scales, Using these tricks in black gospel style fast songs

LESSON 3: Fast Song Walking Bass Lines, Example Songs “Shake This House” “Can’t Nobody” “What A Mighty God We Serve”

LESSON 4: Using Click and Drum Tracks To Practice

LESSON 5: Shouting Music, Chords & Techniques, I to IV SHOUT, I to V SHOUT and MORE!

LESSON 6: Advanced Chord Combos and Substitutes for Turnarounds, SUPER ADVANCED Tritone Substitution Chords, How to Change Your Bass Note in Turnarounds to Get a Completely Different Sound

LESSON 7: Medium-Pace Blues Style Vamps Applied to Gospel, 8 Bar Blues Example Songs

LESSON 8: Funk Style Blues Style Techniques Applied to Gospel, Funky C minor Jam Example

LESSON 9: Chording in the Left Hand for Fast Songs When You Have a Bass Player, Playing Highly Advanced Left Hand Chords and Applying Coordinating Soloing and Improvisation Techniques in the Right Hand

LESSON 10: Using Chromaticism in Gospel and Church Music, Using it in Soloing, in Walking Bass Lines and In Awesome Chord Walkdowns with 9ths and more

LESSON 11: Advanced Chord and Substitution Chords Movements In Fast Songs When Going to vi Chord – IMPORTANT – This is one of the BIGGEST movements in gospel and church music!

LESSON 12: Preacher Chords and Lead-up Movements to Shouting Music