AP 701: Jazz Gospel Chords


This course takes an in-depth look at how jazz chords and chording works and how we apply jazz chords and concepts to Gospel and Pentecostal music.  This course is for anyone who is an intermediate to advanced student.

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Lesson 1: Using Sixths and Major 7ths in C

Lesson 2: Using Dominant 7th and Augmented 7th Chords

Lesson 3: Using Minor 7th, Minor 6th and Minor Major 7th Chords

Lesson 4: Using Half Diminished 7th Chords and Fully Diminished 7th Chords

Lesson 5: Using Left Hand 6th and 7th Chords with a Single Melody Note in Right Hand

Lesson 6: The 6add9, Major 9th, Major 9add6 Chords

Lesson 7: The Dominant 9th and Augmented 9th Chords

Lesson 8 Minor 9ths, Minor 6add9, Minor Major 9th Chords

Lesson 9 Dominant 9add13, Augmented 7+5+9 and 7b9 Chords

Lesson 10 Minor 7b5add11 and Intro to FABE

Lesson 11 Elevenths and Minor Elevenths

Lesson 12 Thirteenths, 9#11, 13#11 and Vamping with FABE