The 2009 Apostolic Praise Chorusbook Beginner Hard Copy (50 cents per chord sheet)

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This book contains 120 popular, modern and older church choruses including “Anointing,” “Friend of God,” “Amazing Grace,” “The More I Seek You,” “Holy Spirit Rain,” “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus,” “When I Think About the Lord,” and MUCH MORE.  All written with taste with the Church musician in mind.

Hard Copy purchase includes ebook so you can start playing right now!

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How to Read Apostolic Praise Chorusbooks

How To Transpose Songs to Different Keys

BEGINNER VERSION has mainly major and minor chords.
ADVANCED VERSION (which we recommend as it gives you something to work towards) has all chords.  If you get an advanced version book and it is too difficult for you, contact us and we will send you the beginner ebook for free.