Unlock the Joy of Gospel Music: Master the Melodies in Less Time than You Think!

A dream come true!

Brother, after years of wanting to learn how play the piano, I am finally learning. This is a dream come true for me. I am learning how to play and at my own pace. Thank you so much!

– Derrick J. (Kansas)

I’ve learned so much!

This course has taught me to read music using the number system, which I was so confused on before while my daughter was taking lessons.  I have learned several shortcuts to making chords, (for example the dominant flatted 7th’s) and I also learned a couple of different runs and fills that I did not know before this course.

– Sherry S. (California)

I’m over 40. If I can, anybody can!

I’m so enjoying my lessons, never thought it could be so easy! I’m over 40 years old and if I can do it anybody can! I’ve wasted my money on so many other courses, but I have learned so much in just 3 short weeks! Thank you Jesus I love it!

– Joyce S. (Texas)