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Still The Fastest Way to Memorize All 12 Major Chords

Use this trick called grouping to quickly memorize all the major chords:

Funny Easy-to-Remember Group Names Below

The More Ridiculous the Easier It Is to Remember!


WHITIES = G, C, F  (Because these are made of all white notes)


G B D         C E G        F A C

B D G         E G C        A C F

D G B         G C E        C F A



BACKWARDS OREOS = E, A, D       (Backwards Oreos are white, black, white)


E G# B           A C# E          D F# A

G# B E           C# E A          F# A D

B E G#           E A C#         A D F#



OREOS = Eb, Ab, Db    (Oreos are black, white, black)


Eb G Bb           Ab C Eb          Db F Ab

G Bb Eb           C Eb Ab           F Ab Db

Bb Eb G           Eb Ab C           Ab Db F



WEIRDOS = Bb, B, Gb  (Because they are so unique)



Bb D F             B D# F#              Gb Bb Db

D F Bb             D# F# B              Bb Db Gb

F Bb D             F# B D#              Db Gb Bb