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Cool Chord Voicing for 7th and 9th Chords

Cool Voicing for 7th Chords

One neat way to split up a chord in both hands is to play the 1-5 in the left hand with the 7 3 5 in the right hand.

Cmaj7 becomes B E G (Right Hand) / C G (Left Hand)

Cm7 becomes Bb Eb G / C G

C7 becomes C G / Bb E G

C7+5 becomes C Ab / Bb E Ab

Cm7b5 becomes C Gb / Bb Eb Gb

and the list just goes on and on!

This is called a voicing!  There are many other types of voicings.

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Add the 9th to these chords to make them even more awesome!

Cmaj9 is B D E G (Right Hand) / C G (Left Hand)

Cm9 is Bb D Eb G / C G

C9 is C G / Bb D E G

C9+5 is C Ab / Bb D E Ab

There are many other types of voicings.

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Jazz Chords, Voicings & Improvisation for Pentecostal & Gospel Musicians

We get a lot of requests for how to play fills and runs and courses that teach this sort of thing.  Our new series is going to completely fulfill this need.  Meet the Apostolic Praise 400 Series.


AP 401 covers Jazz Chords.  We are going to give a complete understanding of all standard chords from majors and minors all the way up to diminished and altered chords.


AP 402 covers Left Hand Voicing and Both Hand Voicings.  This is the probably one of THE most important things for a Pentecostal and Gospel musician to learn.  What gives you that “sound” is not just playing a fancy chord but how you voice that fancy chord.


AP 403 covers Jazz Improvisation for Pentecostal and Gospel Musicians.  Improvisation is much more than just knowing a few pentatonic scales to play around with over your chords.  In this course, you will learn the secrets of improvisation.  The many different scales and modes will also be emphasized as well as where and how to use them.  You won’t believe how easy they are!


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