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The six keys to learning to play


Roman Numeral System
Chord Progressions


You need ALL SIX of these keys to be a well-rounded musician.


– If you have a great chord game but can’t do fills you will sound hollow.


– If you know lots of fills but can’t play chords, you will sound lopsided…and a little silly!


– If you know chords but don’t know the Roman Numeral System you won’t be able to play in different keys, play by ear, or understand music.


– If you know the Roman Numeral System but don’t know chord progressions, you won’t know where to play what.


– If you know ALL FIVE of the other keys, but don’t know Scales (Not just major scales either – I’m talking Pentatonics, Jazz Blues, Jazz Modes, Half Step/Whole Step, Whole Tone, Minor Scales, Altered Scales), you won’t be able to play and do licks over different chord changes in songs.


– If you know how to play Songs but do not know Fills or Scales, your playing might sound a little dull.


That’s why we do not teach you ONE of these keys without teaching you the others.  They all work together!  It’s like working out!  If you only exercise your upper body, your upper body will be big and strong but your legs will look skinny like they are on the wrong body!


The Apostolic Praise program teaches you ALL SIX keys in a systematic, organized, easy-to-understand way with each lesson building upon previous lessons in each course.


And in every lesson we will teach and reinforce the concepts we teach you with real example Christian/gospel/church songs.



How Apostolic Praise Lessons Work



2) DVD / USB Curriculum Set

When you register and pay, you are sent a link with all 12 lessons for your course, as well as a login and password (good for 6 months) to access your Student Homeroom online.

Each course includes: 12 Study Info, 12 Live Video Lessons, 12 Goals and Online Quizzes, and an audio track for each song we learn with a full church band playing (includes drums, bass, piano and more) to give you the real in-church feel.

Your instructor grades each of your quizzes and if you miss anything, explains why. You will also receive a lesson each Monday morning in your email as a reminder!

DVD / USB Curriculm Set OPTION
This is a hard copy of the course for those with limited Internet access or who just want to have their video lessons forever! (With the ONLINE OPTION, your login expires after 6 months) You can choose between a DVD Set or USB Thumbdrive Set.

DVD Curriculum Set
Our Course by DVD includes 2 DVDs with all 12 Live Video Lessons, a Study Info Workbook, a Goals and Homework Quizzes Workbork and an audio CD with each song we learn with a full church band playing (includes drums, bass, piano and more) to give you the real in-church feel.

It also includes a link to the 12 Online Quizzes so you can do those online if you choose. Your instructor then grades each of your quizzes and if you miss anything, explains why.

USB Thumbdrive
This is the same as the DVD option, except that you receive all 12 Live Video Lessons on a USB Thumbdrive so you can download them on to your laptop, tablet, etc.


So if you are taking a course, we recommend the following order:
1) Read the Study Info
2) Watch the Live Video (there are
extra goodies in these too)
3) Practice your Goals
4) Practice your new songs with the Audio Tracks
5) Do your Homework Quiz

Apostolic Praise makes learning music easy to understand and fun because instead of just teaching you a song or two, we teach you how music works so you can understand what you are playing! We don’t use a lot of BORING chord theory either! Instead it is all HANDS-ON learning.

Each lesson you are taught something new, whether it is a chord and how to use it or new scales and where to use them or new fills and runs. Then we teach you 1-3 songs where you can put into practice what you just learned!

The songs we use in the curriculum are common, well-known choruses and songs such as “Here I Am to Worship,” “Amazing Grace,” and “Blessed Be Your Name.” However even if you come across a song or two you don’t recognize, you are still sure to benefit, especially since we have Audio Tracks to give you the feel and sound of each song!

So, ready to register for online courses or just want more info about each courses lessons? (Pricing is just $75 total per course or $25 per month for 3 months) Just click here:

Or perhaps you want a DVD or USB Curriculum Set? Just click here:

God Bless!
Bro. Richard W Smith
[email protected]