Terms and Conditions

Apostolic Praise School of Music Terms & Conditions

By using our lessons or being a student with us, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Thank you for being a member with us! Your happiness, satisfaction and learning to play for God’s glory is our number one goal!
That being said, please remember that Apostolic Praise Lessons are copy written material and may not be shared or distributed without consent from your instructor. Printing lessons is allowed for your personal use but may not be copied for others.​​ Exceptions are if you using them for your spouse or children (age of 18 or under).

Do not re-distribute – whether through email, reproduction of lessons, copying and pasting, printing, faxing, or any other manner – Apostolic Praise Material (including videos, study information, homework goals, homework assignments, audio tracks or emails) for any reason to any individual, whether purposely or accidently. The only person that is to view, use, or listen to this material is to be you (or your spouse/children 18 years or under). You may print off copies for your own personal use and practice; however, this copy may not be re-copied or re-distributed in any form by anyone – student or non-student.

Also, as a member you may download, print and view AS many lessons as you want too.​​ However, you may ONLY permanently store (whether a hard copy, digital copy, or link) one lesson PER week of membership (if you are doing the Basic or Complete – formerly Exclusive Access – Membership.

​​Lifetime Online Access Students (also included with all DVD/USB packages) may download as many lessons as they want for the Courses they have signed up for and paid for.

Apostolic Praise School of Music lessons are meant to be a blessing and are on the honor system. The only one watching you is the Lord, but if we find you have violated any of these rules, we may ask you to pay for what you have used.

If you have any questions or problems with any of this, please do not hesitate to call, text or email us. ​​

God bless, and enjoy your lessons!

Bro. Richard W. Smith
[email protected]​​

Updated on April 4th, 2016