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The fastest way to learn to play

I remember when I first started learning to play the piano. It was a lightning storm and I was 6 years old. I had nothing else to do – too dark to read – the only thing there was to do was play the piano…if I knew how (I didn’t).

So I asked my mom to teach me some stuff.

I took piano lessons and practiced almost daily for the next 10 years.

Guess what?

I still couldn’t play in church.

Not even close.

If you would have asked me, I wouldn’t have known what to play.

Oh I could play a bunch of cool classical stuff (no jazz or gospel stuff though – which is what I really wanted to learn – stuff with a beat and groove).

Yeah I could play a few simple church songs with basic major and minor chords too (yawn).

Then at the age of 16 I took some “by ear” lessons and my mom bought me some books (which were truly awful to learn from) and somehow over the next few years I began to piece it together.

And within two years I was the main keyboardist at a large church.

Things started clicking.

Now fast forward 15 years.

I can sit down and listen to a song and play it.

I have taught not only thousands of students online but also many, many students in person.

That’s why our system works.

It’s not just something that I thought of on the fly and never tried it out.
This method has been tried and proven in real classes and lessons with REAL people.

In fact, many of my students were children and young people and that’s why we believe it is so easy to learn from…because we break it down in an easy to understand way.

In fact, that’s what many of the students who take our lessons tell us is SO DIFFERENT from any other lessons they have taken.

God has blessed us to be able to be a blessing – all glory goes to him!

So what are you waiting for?

If you are a student already, LOGIN (link below) and keep learning!

TRUST the process.

It won’t happen OVERNIGHT but if you keep working consistently and learning something NEW every week…

If you get 1% better every day, in one year you will be 365% better.

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