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The six keys to learning to play

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Roman Numeral System
Chord Progressions


You need ALL SIX of these keys to be a well-rounded musician.


– If you have a great chord game but can’t do fills you will sound hollow.


– If you know lots of fills but can’t play chords, you will sound lopsided…and a little silly!


– If you know chords but don’t know the Roman Numeral System you won’t be able to play in different keys, play by ear, or understand music.


– If you know the Roman Numeral System but don’t know chord progressions, you won’t know where to play what.


– If you know ALL FIVE of the other keys, but don’t know Scales (Not just major scales either – I’m talking Pentatonics, Jazz Blues, Jazz Modes, Half Step/Whole Step, Whole Tone, Minor Scales, Altered Scales), you won’t be able to play and do licks over different chord changes in songs.


– If you know how to play Songs but do not know Fills or Scales, your playing might sound a little dull.


That’s why we do not teach you ONE of these keys without teaching you the others.  They all work together!  It’s like working out!  If you only exercise your upper body, your upper body will be big and strong but your legs will look skinny like they are on the wrong body!


The Apostolic Praise program teaches you ALL SIX keys in a systematic, organized, easy-to-understand way with each lesson building upon previous lessons in each course.


And in every lesson we will teach and reinforce the concepts we teach you with real example Christian/gospel/church songs.