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This probably goes against what you’ve been taught

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Most people think that great musicians are just “born that way.”  They just have such a “natural ability.”  As if babies come out from their mother with special skills and talents.

Now, I have been teaching music for a long time (10+ years), and I have taught a lot of children to play (some as young as five and six years old).  But I have to be honest, I have never seen babies (or any child younger than five) that could truly PLAY the piano.  (And there are those that can play at a VERY young age, but I’m talking about PLAYING gospel style – with chords and such.)

The reason most children younger than five can’t play with CHORDS (such as in the styles of Gospel and Pentecostal music, etc) is for the simple fact that their HANDS are still to small to form the chords!

The fact of the matter is that while natural ability does play a part in being a great musician (and there are those few and far between one in a million type of people who are born with perfect pitch, rhythm, etc but even they have to develop their gift – I’m not one of them by the way), the GREATEST natural abilities that a successful musician needs to have are DEDICATION and DETERMINATION.

I have seen people who others LAUGHED AT and said “they will never learn to play.”  Why?  Because they didn’t seem like they had “the gift.”  Maybe their “rhythm was bad” or they didn’t seem to have any “soul.”

But guess what?  Rhythm can be improved with practice.  “Soul” can be attained with prayer and practice (I’ve seen it!).  So no matter how bad you or others may think you sound – guess what?  There is probably hope.

Out of the THOUSANDS that we have taught at Apostolic Praise (both in person and through our online school), I have NEVER come across someone that cannot learn to play to some degree, and most can go as far as they WANT to go.

I did have ONE person who was tone-deaf (the irony of it was that she was a music teacher and had taught formal music for 20+ years).

So today, I hope this encourages you and motivates you to keep practicing.  I was once where you are at RIGHT NOW.  But I made up my mind that I was going to play, and GOD favored me.  And He will do the same for You because He is no respecter of persons.