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What does a weed have to do with playing the piano?

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Ok so you are probably wondering what in the world this little weed has to do with playing the piano (or guitar, bass, drums or whatever you love).  It’s simple.  And if you get this basic concept, it will revolutionize not only how you think and view music but also life.

You see, this weed refused to give up in spite of the tough situation and “hard place” it found itself in.  It could easily have made excuses about why it could not grow.

“This is rock hard asphalt!  How am I supposed to grow here?”  “Oil stains?!  Really?  Where’s the Miracle-Gro?”  “There’s no one to take care of me.”

But instead of looking for excuses, instead it refused to give up!  Many people start off trying to learn how to play music, but they give up.  They begin to make excuses.  “I would learn how to play, but I don’t have a piano.”  “My church does not play the kind of music I like.”  “I don’t have the right resources.”  “I don’t have a teacher to teach me.”

However, other people instead make up their mind “I am going to learn how to play no matter what!”  Their keyboard may die on them.  They may not have money for lessons, but they refuse to stop trying and learning.

And that’s the difference between some who succeeds and meets their goals and someone who doesn’t.  One of them makes excuses and the other refuses to give up!

God bless!


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