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Wife story

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Funny story.  My wife has been playing the piano for years and has even played in church many times, but she wanted to take it to the next level.  She knew how to play some fast songs and even used advanced chords like 9ths but she struggled with playing in certain keys and confusing the different types of 7th chords.
So we decided to just start from the beginning and go through the courses, one or two lessons per week.  (It can be hard to find practice time between a 3 year old little girl and 1 year old very active little boy!)
Well, she just finished AP 101, and I am so excited and proud of her.  Even though it’s just what we consider a “Beginner” course, it has a lot of intermediate material in it such as learning songs in three keys to major, minor and dominant 7th chords and fast song techniques!
I came home the other night and she was playing “Thanks Thanks I Give Your Thanks,” and she ALREADY sounds like a different piano player!
Why did I tell you this?  To tell your that our system and program of teaching works!
And right now you can get access to the this course and TEN others for just $6.25/week or $25/month.
(That’s enough learning to keep you busy for awhile!)
P.S. Need some free songs to practice?  Just click here.