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Keys to Success for Youth

Do you ever wish you could talk to your future self and that perhaps he or she could share with you the things they have learned so that you could just know them now?  Well you actually can…in a way.  It’s called talking to people older than you.  It’s amazing how much they know because of their life experiences.  There is a saying that says “those who do not learn from the mistakes of others are going to repeat them.”  The most important principle behind what you will learn in this short 12 lesson course is this “you can learn something from anybody.”  Listen and learn.  And never stop learning.

These are things below that are keys to your success in life as a person.  Some of them are things that I wished I had learned sooner because they would have made my life as a young person much, much easier.  I hope that this is truly a blessing to you.

Module 1 Keys to Success For Youth
Lesson 1 Lesson 1: Develop a spiritual walk with God
Lesson 2 Lesson 2: Listen to your pastor, mentors and parents
Lesson 3 Lesson 3: Get involved in your church in some way
Lesson 4 Lesson 4: It’s not cool to sin
Lesson 5 Lesson 5: Stay away from romantic involvement with non-church or carnal church youth.
Lesson 6 Lesson 6: Every young man and young woman’s battle - learn to control your “animal”
Lesson 7 Lesson 7: The high school bubble and your friends determine your destiny
Lesson 8 Lesson 8: Don’t waste all your time (learn don’t just play) - the world is bigger than you know
Lesson 9 Lesson 9: Start an emergency fund - some financial tips
Lesson 10 Lesson 10: Start your own business or go to college?
Lesson 11 Lesson 11: Never stop learning. Develop useful skills, read more, watch less, get off social media
Lesson 12 Lesson 12: Your ability to create value to the world will determine how much money you make
Lesson 13 BONUS Giving Our Youth a Fighting Chance
Lesson 14 BONUS - A Story of Two Young Men